"I have sometimes been accused of not having a definitive style because of the diversity of media and techniques that I use.  Perhaps this reflects my twenty-two years as an art teacher, but in truth, I become easily bored if I work in a certain way for too long.  I enjoy experimenting with different media and discovering new ways to express myself."

        Born in Mobile, Alabama, Beverly has lived in either Florida or Alabama all of her life.  She sketched and drew from an early age, but received no formal training until she decided to take an art elective in college.  She quickly changed her major from Home Economics to Art and hasn't slowed down since.

        Now that her two children are grown and she has retired from teaching, Beverly has time to devote herself more fully to her art.  She enjoys painting in watercolor, oil, and acrylic as well as mixed media.  Studies of people are one of her favorite pastimes as well as narrative paintings and land and seascapes.  Because of her love of quilting, she often incorporates quilts into her work.  She is fascinated by the play of light on form, whether it's a child playing, a sunny still life, or a pastoral scene.

        Mother Nature and life itself are her inspirations.  Her camera helps her capture images she will later use in a painting.  Beverly's goal is to communicateto share her delight in the beauty that surrounds us and trigger a response from the viewer.  When her art "speaks to you" then she has succeeded.

Beverly Endie Hall